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The four of us had a wonderful time dining on delicious southern cuisine at the restaurant that satisfied our soul. Just as soul music touches deep into your emotions.
Jennifer Lynch
Director, Coke Studio
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dining experience. The food and service was great, not to mention the atmosphere felt like we were at a big family dinner.
Raymond Perkins
Web Developer, USA
The Fabulous Lillian and the Lovely Leisa cater to customers that appreciate impeccable hospitality and exquisite delicacies. If ever there was restaurant that takes great care in all aspects of your dining experience.
Olivia Nelson
Sale Executive, IBM
Every time I come, you guys make me feel like I'm back home in South Carolina! Love the people and the food!
Harry Owens
Founder, Idea Lab
Some guests gave up their table for us on Mothers Day - so I know I need to come back. It feels like family here! - Thanks
Marilyn Brewer
CEO, Red Apple Corp, USA